Ledgit is a software development company focused on,
but not limited to, Blockchain development


Ledgit is a software development company using blockchain technology to create better products.

↳ Knowledge
We have extensive knowledge about blockchain technology and all its innovations in-house.
↳ Innovation
We meticulously follow all the innovations and continuously study and implement the newest technology.
↳ Experience
Since 2012, we have been studying and implementing the technology on various projects.
↳ Growth
Blockchain can help your company grow and adapt to the digital era.


Dev-ops and programming is our passion and we love to use our skillset and experience to create great software.

↳ Knowledge
We have worked on different projects in diverse industries using a lot of different programming languages and methods.
↳ Innovation
Following new developments is our passion. Innovation is key.
↳ Experience
With over 20 years of combines software engineering experience, we give full- stack development a new definition.
↳ Growth
Continuously developing your software environment is very important for the sustained growth of your company.


Our technical abilities in combination with our entrepreneurial drive, make us the perfect partner to realize the product of your vision.

↳ Knowdledge
Our strategic and practical abilities make us a perfect partner for joint-ventures.
↳ Innovation
Innovative technologies give unlimited opportunities to start new companies.
↳ Experience
We already have several joint-ventures with our strategic partners and have experience in start-up environments.
↳ Growth
Partnerships give greater opportunities for sustained growth.
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Ledgit helps you implementing blockchain in your existing business structure so you can decentralize trust.


Streamline your processes for optimal communication, security and trust.


We help realize your vision with our expertise.
Ledgit is a software development company focused on, but not limited to, blockchain technology founded in 2017. We focus on developing working products for our clients and strive to establish long term partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs.
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